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SPACE Scholastic Assistance

The Challenge

Ethiopian-Israeli teens face cultural and socio-economic barriers that prevent them from achieving their full potential.

The majority of Ethiopian immigrant families living in Israel today reside in low-income areas. In these neighborhoods, schools have difficulty providing enrichment activities or sometimes even basic educational support. Many Ethiopian-Israeli families lack the financial and educational resources that are available to Israelis who come from more privileged backgrounds.

This kind of support is critical: 74% of Ethiopian-Israeli junior high school students score below the national average in Hebrew, mathematics, English, and science exams. Consequently, the majority of Ethiopian-Israeli teens experience great difficulty in the college applications and admissions processes. They score sub-par in the bagrut (matriculation exams), and many do not even graduate from high school. Thus, many Ethiopian-Israelis enter adulthood with severe academic deficits, which constrain their opportunities for socioeconomic advancement. 

ENP's Response

ENP provides Ethiopian-Israeli youth with intensive after-school scholastic assistance to improve their academic performance.

ENP's SPACE (School Performance and Community Empowerment) Scholastic Assistance Program promotes academic growth and improvement by providing supplementary tutoring to students in small groups. Alongside its academic components, the Program works to strengthen students' self-esteem and leadership skills by addressing obstacles to social integration and personal development. The Program helps students to connect to their heritage, and to incorporate this ethnic culture into their everyday lives. Students enrolled in the Program also receive preparation for army service, which enables them to choose from a broader base of positions once enlisted. Lastly, the SPACE Program provides all of its participants with a lunchtime meal, which helps ensure that students attend tutoring sessions engaged and ready to learn.


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